Our Vision

Bitmax is a time-proven leader in digital media management with decades of expertise supporting leading content owners and digital distributors. We believe in listening to our customers, and investing in our people, in smart technology, and in customer service excellence.

The team is made up of dedicated professionals from all facets of the digital content supply chain. Many of us have decades of hands on experience transforming content and metadata into monetizable assets across the planet.

The range of products and services at Bitmax reduce the friction and complexity in today’s content supply chain. Our experienced team across the US and UK knows how to combine those services into custom solutions that match your expectations and delight your viewers.

Working with Bitmax our customers are able to monetize their content - from TVOD to PVOD  and SVOD to AVOD - across territories and on every consumer platform.  Whatever the content strategy or business objective, our team is equipped to assist.

We stand behind our service quality, and are committed to job integrity and customer care. It is this level of detail that customers love about Bitmax. We appreciate the opportunity to serve the media and entertainment industry and welcome the prospect of supporting your needs.


Richard Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Bennett


Marjorie Walsh


Matthew Goldbach


Michael Ashley

Commercial Director

Tony Rizkallah

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Bartolone

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Jones

Managing Director UK

Scott Pawsey

Operations & Technology Director UK


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