Los Angeles, February 26, 2019: Bitmax, the digital media management and licensing company, today announces a streamlined solution to augment and add unique EIDR identifiers to content assets distributed globally.

EIDR, or the Entertainment Identifier Registry, is a global unique identifier system for a broad array of audio visual objects, including motion pictures, television, and radio programs that has been gaining popularity throughout the Digital Supply Chain. The identification system adds a globally unique identifier to a metadata record that is associated with top-level titles, edits, DVDs, encodings, clips, and mash-ups.

Bitmax provides media management and distribution services for a variety of content owners, including Universal Music Group, Gravitas Ventures and other leading independent film and TV companies. Several distribution platform partners require EIDR identifiers to track and manage content offerings and usage reporting for all forms of content. Bitmax is making that an easier path for many of its content partners by instituting an automated workflow to support those objectives.

Jim Riley, Chief Revenue Officer, Bitmax, said: “We strive to make media management and delivery of content as seamless as possible for our clients. By building an automated EIDR lookup and registration workflow into our content management system, we are able to assist our clients and content partners more efficiently manage content provider assets.”

About EIDR
EIDR (Entertainment ID Registry) is a universal identifier system for movie and television assets built to enable the automation of entertainment commerce and to increase the availability of quality data for analytics and business intelligence. EIDR provides a highly curated database that addresses commercial workflows by uniquely identifying assets ranging from top level titles to edits, digital encodings and franchises. EIDR IDs are already in commercial use in various reporting and cross-platform measurement applications. For more information about EIDR, please visit