Whether you produce your own content, or you acquire and aggregate it, our cloud-based Content Management Solution is designed to enable monetization opportunities from TVOD to PVOD and SVOD to AVOD, and more.

Your Content Specialist will ensure your assets are prepped and QA-certified for distribution to partner platforms in any territory. Whether destined to a Digital Retailer or Service Provider, Broadcaster or OTT Platform, the Bitmax solution powers efficient content provisioning that drives revenue today, and into the future as you expand platforms and markets.

Our digital platform licensing services provide yet another level of support - gaining carriage on new storefronts. Our online buy data and royalty processing service means you’ll have access to real-time information to make intelligent promotional pricing and programming decisions.


It’s tough enough to fund, create and produce your video, music video, film and/or series. It shouldn’t be equally challenging to format, process and license your content onto Digital Storefronts.  But with the explosion in Storefronts, outlets and business models to support, it’s far from simple.

Whatever your objective, our Licensing & Fulfillment Solution includes all the necessary steps and approvals required to get your program up and live for viewers to consume.

Bitmax is an iTunes Preferred Plus Partner and we enjoy certified status at Google, Vudu, Amazon and most leading platforms across the globe. We can help you release a movie onto PVOD, AVOD, TVOD and SVOD platforms. Our online usage data and royalty processing service means you’ll have access to real-time information to inform pricing and programming decisions.


"Paypanel is easy to use and is extremely helpful. It shows exactly how our film is performing on each platform and tracks important details for each sale/rental. Bitmax makes the process simple and they are prompt with their monthly payments."

Karen Shapiro, Independent Film Producer


We supply content into the workflows of hundreds of Broadcasters in many languages and formats - all managed via our Maestro asset management engine. 

Our QA & Format Compliance Solution means that Broadcasters receive consistent quality assured asset packages every time. Bitmax also serves the broadcast business as a processing and distribution partner, helping to monetize content rights in downstream digital retail environments.

With our online dashboard, Broadcasters can log in to order programs, enable metadata enrichment and manage content distribution details.


"Our first foray into documentary retail streaming had to be flawless. Bitmax stepped up and provided superior service; their insight and expertise throughout the process made all the difference."

Lee Schlazer, Sinclair Broadcast Group


Consumer-facing platform Providers are challenged to assemble compelling video solutions to attract and keep customers.  Formats, content sources and processing systems continue to grow and morph.  At the same time, consumers are more demanding and increasingly impatient when they want to see their favorite programming.

The Bitmax Hub Solution draws from a core set of Bitmax products & services to ensure content complies with your platform requirements every single time. No more audio sync errors, metadata mismatches or format foibles. Our integrated dashboard provides transparency into the workflow, so you can monitor any job and track progress, or augment services along the way.

The Hub Solution delivers pristine video, properly associated artwork and metadata – all aligned with your current and evolving platform specs.


Teams and leagues produce some of the most sought-after content on the planet. Fandom, Agencies and Broadcasters all expect the absolute highest quality playback on every device.

Managing growing archives and the existence of more and more outlets for that sports content means that you need smart tools and the right partner to maximize revenue potential. Your sales teams also need intuitive systems to create and sell clips and other game/match derivatives.

Our purpose-built Bitmax Sports Solution is especially designed for teams and leagues to do just that. Maestro's dynamic dashboard allows easy access to upload content, select, mark and manipulate your library.  With a few key strokes, create clips and elemental video content, apply contextual metadata tags, and prep it for delivery to broadcast and other partners, wherever and in whatever format and language required.

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