Bitmax delivers content to all global digital platforms, stores, and broadcasters. We are specialists in iTunes video distibution

Our expertise in the art of asset preparation and packaging independent movies is unmatched, and our streamlined method for swift, error-free deliveries to all digital platforms is among the most dependable in the industry

Bitmax offers a broad range of distribution techniques, efficiently designed and integrated with downstream partners

  • File distribution via Aspera or Signiant
  • FTP technologies with smart tracking
  • MRSS Posting & Media Feed Distribution - File posting to white listed URLs, with data shared via a Feed XML
  • Physical Distribution - Drives, DVDs, even 1” tape - whatever it takes to handle the job
  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) - Ultra-high bitrate package for theatrical distribution
  • Digital Production Partnership (DPP) - Ultra-high bitrate package for Broadcaster distribution

Bitmax supports asset package management and hosting to and on various retail platforms

  • Posting - Asset package management to customer’s CDN for streaming
  • Hosting - Utilize Bitmax’s CDN for streaming your titles or virtual channel
  • Ad Decisioning - Solutions for selecting targeted ads


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