Our comprehensive digital media management solution supports a broad spectrum of services

Once content is uploaded into Maestro, our automation tools take over and navigate your content through desired workflows. A few of the services we offer are:


Bitmax is a recognized leader in one to many digital file transformations. We have invested in best of breed solutions to ramp volume for any order.

  • Standards Conversion - from one video standard (NTSC) to another (PAL)
  • Advanced Formats (4K/UHD & HDR)
  • IMF Packaging

Content is going global - and it needs to reflect both pristine language translation as well as cultural context

  • Subtitling - Audio tracks captured in graphic form in any language
  • Closed Captioning - All audio (including words) captured in graphic form for original audio track
  • Dubbing - Spoken word audio track converted to different language(s)

Every platform is different - at Bitmax we help optimize the metadata on each platform to drive usage and engagement

  • Metadata Enrichment – Augment metadata to conform to any customer and retail requirement
  • Content Tagging – Intelligently tag and mark content using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools
  • EIDR Registration – Retrieve and/or register EDIR value for any title
  • The right Artwork attracts viewers and drives engagement
  • We take great strides to ensure artwork conforms to downstream platform requirements
  • Whether the artwork is destined for Digital Storefronts, Television or OTT platforms, DVD packaging or more, our Artwork specialists are skilled at blending creativity with efficiency to attract viewers

Unlike some vendors, Bitmax never holds your content hostage. Store once - Access forever. 

  • Archive Storage– near line and archive
  • Catalog Management – Once a title is registered in our BAM system, you can easily access and manipulate your library - wherever it is stored
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