After years of working with content owners and filmmakers to support their distribution ambitions, we have put together a FAQ section which we hope will help and guide you through the process of preparing your content for multi-platform deliveries.

Yes. Per FCC regulations, all digital content must be closed captioned. Closed Captions are created at a cost of $8.00 per minute on the runtime of your title through Bitmax and are guaranteed to be accepted at all platforms we deliver to. Additionally, you aren’t required to submit a script to Bitmax should you elect to have us create your captions. 

At present Bitmax is held to the same standards as all partners with Amazon so we are unable to publish new titles that are either categorized as non-fiction or are "short form" which means they have a TRT of <45 minutes.

You can submit your own caption file created by a third-party facility however we encourage our clients if they aren't electing to have Bitmax create their captions that they use a caption house that employs human operators to create captions. Often times when clients deliver caption files to Bitmax created from a third party they are out of sync or formatted improperly for our platform partners because they were created through automation and not a human operator.

Yes. Once you're a Bitmax client it’s easy to add additional platform deliveries and platforms to your title through your account representative. 

At present time Bitmax does not have a direct licensing opportunity with either the Netflix or Hulu platforms. 

Bitmax makes revenue disbursements to our clients in the form of either check or bank wire.

Complete our web form to be put in touch with a Bitmax representative who will supply you with all of the new client paperwork required to open an account. Once we have your completed new client paperwork back and process your deposit, you'll be assigned a production coordinator who will reach out to you to start your project. 

Depending on the platform you may be able to reach up to 85 total countries and territories through Bitmax.

Depending on the platforms that you select to have Bitmax deliver to and depending on how long it takes a complete an asset package with your production coordinator live dates will vary. If you're looking to publish at the earliest possible TVOD date and your content passes QC on first pass content can be published in as few as 70 days.

Complete our web form to be put in touch with a Bitmax representative who will supply you with the current Bitmax tech spec document which outlines exactly what file formats we can accept.

Bitmax offers two different types of platform partners that we deliver to, curated and non-curated platforms. For non-curated platforms all you have to do is pass the technical requirements and Bitmax can publish your title into those outlets while curated platforms require the Sales and Avails process. Curated platforms have a limited bandwidth for content and cannot accept every title that Bitmax presents to them which is why titles go through our sales and avails process to present titles to those outlets. Acceptance rates at curated platforms vary but Bitmax won’t charge you for platform deliveries to curated platforms if your content is not accepted at any given outlet.

These refer to different “video on demand” platform types. The three times in question are Transaction, Subscription, and Advertiser supported video on demand platforms.

Bitmax makes revenue disbursements to our clients on or around the 15th of the month after our platform partners make their disbursements to Bitmax.  If we get paid in January you will get paid around February 15th, etc.


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