We are the preeminent digital services partner for independent film, sports and TV content owners. We operate facilities in LA, NY and London for global processing and revenue generation. 


As a leading Film Aggregator, we specialize in monetizing content across all consumption platforms, including TVOD, EST, SVOD & AVOD.  Simply put, we takes your finished product and generate money from it by getting distribution deals on every platform and in any territory you wish to reach your target audience.

Bitmax accepts completed film, music videos and television programs - and helps you map out a strategic distribution plan to optimize revenue potential with retail platforms and digital distributors.


Once the title is Quality Controlled and cleared, we process the content, package the metadata / artwork for the target downstream partners within days. 

In addition to the Core4 platforms, Bitmax has deals with a mix of digital retailers like Redbox, CableTV providers like Comcast, and AVOD partners like Xumo & TubiTV.  We also prep content for theatrical distribution, to broadcasters and anywhere else we can generate revenue for your programs.

If you want to sell your content in the U.S. its required; and we make it easy by applying the appropriate CC standard based on the target platform partners desired. 

 Yes, but equally important is when and how to best navigate TVOD through AVOD with an effective revenue windowing model.

Bitmax operates a comprehensive and efficient Avails service for platforms like Netflix and others who require that step in securing carriage.  Since Netflix has stepped up its original slate, they are accepting less independent film titles, but we still routinely deliver titles to them on behalf of those Content Partners who have made the cut.

 It is a core Bitmax service which results in a mastered disc, templated artwork and delivery to a replicator and/or duplicator.


We are among the most cost-effective aggregation partners in the marketplace with simple pricing models that put money in your hands quickly and efficiently using our online PayPanel tool.

In most cases the retail partner determines the retail pricing, but we help you to set a minimum and/or wholesale price (for electronic sell through) as needed.

We aggregate and normalize monthly reporting across all distribution partners, so you get a one-stop dashboard that shows where and when your content purchases and views occurred, with corresponding royalty reporting and payment.

Bitmax pays you 100% of the revenue earned for the Core4 top-selling platforms - Apple, Google, Amazon & Vudu.

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