A totally new approach to content management that starts with the end goal – content monetization across a broad set of business models and retailer platforms.


In concert with the Bitmax licensing team, the Maestro orchestration engine allows you to evaluate your total monetization strategy by pre-planning for any title or catalogue, moving seamlessly from transactional to PVOD, SVOD, TVOD and/or AVOD.

The system directs processing workflows based on the target platforms, and what is required to support downstream partners - including bumpers, ad marking, artwork and metadata enrichment, distribution window management, and more.


In addition to powering the internal supply chain workflows at Bitmax, Maestro includes the ability to log in and initiate orders and the ability to track asset packages across the supply chain.

From Avails creation and customization to auto ingest of asset package elements, and carriage confirmation to royalty processing, Maestro is a powerful system that makes onboarding content and asset packages as seamless as possible while providing a heightened level of transparency and monitoring features.


Maestro has hooks into the Bitmax PayPanel (our reporting and royalty processing solution) allowing partners to track their titles performance, drive deeper usage insights and settle royalty processing more swiftly.


Customers are different, content rights vary, and what works in the US doesn’t necessarily work the same in Europe, so the solution was designed to be applied based on individual customer requirements and needs.


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