Our comprehensive digital media management solution supports a broad spectrum of services

Once content is uploaded into Maestro, our automation tools take over and navigate your content through desired workflows. A few of the services we offer are:

Bitmax is a recognized leader in one to many digital file transformations. We have invested in best of breed solutions to ramp volume for any order.

  • Standards Conversion - from one video standard (NTSC) to another (PAL)
  • Advanced Formats (4K/UHD & HDR)
  • IMF Packaging

Content is going global - and it needs to reflect both pristine language translation as well as cultural context

  • Subtitling - Audio tracks captured in graphic form in any language
  • Closed Captioning - All audio (including words) captured in graphic form for original audio track
  • Dubbing - Spoken word audio track converted to different language(s)
  • Every platform is different - at Bitmax we help optimize the metadata on each platform to drive usage and engagement

    • Metadata Enrichment – Augment metadata to conform to any customer and retail requirement
    • Content Tagging – Intelligently tag and mark content using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools
    • EIDR Registration – Retrieve and/or register EDIR value for any title
  • The right Artwork attracts viewers and drives engagement
  • We take great strides to ensure artwork conforms to downstream platform requirements
  • Whether the artwork is destined for Digital Storefronts, Television or OTT platforms, DVD packaging or more, our Artwork specialists are skilled at blending creativity with efficiency to attract viewers
  • Unlike some vendors, Bitmax never holds your content hostage. Store once - Access forever. 

    • Archive Storage– near line and archive
    • Catalog Management – Once a title is registered in our BAM system, you can easily access and manipulate your library - wherever it is stored


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