At Bitmax we can convert any physical version into any digital format for any platform

We provide a full range of quality control services to ensure your content meets the stringent standards to perform on any platform

  • Production Digital Cinema Package (DCP) and Master Visual QC – Our certified experts test your content to ensure it meets the high standards for any DCP platform
  • Broadcast/platform Visual QC – Our iTunes certified quality control specialists are trained in all leading digital systems to provide eyes-on- glass precision QC
  • Automated QC - our cost-effective software-based QC service provides you with a standard of quality for any retail platform
  • If you rely on advertising to generate revenue, you need a partner who can find the optimal break points for any title
  • In band or out of band break point data, enabling AVOD revenue

Bitmax offers a wide range of post services to get your content in front of consumers ASAP

  • Frame accurate clipping service
  • Transcoding for any video format including HDR
  • Audio mastering
  • Editing – augment and/or improve audio quality
  • Re-versioning – Precision video file editing
  • Forensic Watermarking – Studio approved system or session-based invisible marking of content to trace piracy
  • To support hosted content, Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a must
  • Knowing how to best support your objectives is central to getting it right and a core expertise at Bitmax


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