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Film & TV Distribution

Bitmax is a time-proven leader in digital media management with decades of expertise supporting leading content owners and digital distributors.

3 Steps to successful online film distribution



Tell us about your content and establish your account. Have a question? Let a Bitmax coordinator help answer any technical or metadata issues you may have.



Use our free secure high speed connection for easy, pain free delivery to Bitmax. Want to deliver a drive or tapes? No problem, we accept those too.



We offer the fastest delivery turnaround time in the industry. We will get your content to market faster than anyone.

Track Your Earnings

Bitmax’s proprietary PayPanel™ lets you see exactly how your content is performing on any platform. Want to measure your advertising and marketing effort? Log in to get sales data that lets you monitor performance by platform, territory, buy vs rent and other key metrics. Paypanel™ shows you royalties that are due with pinpoint accuracy, and also tracks your earning history. Never be in the dark about what you are earning again.

Unmatched Customer Service

From our responsive sales team to coordinators who expertly guide you through the release process Impeccable customer service is incorporated into everything we do at Bitmax. Our expertise has been a key to our digital success and most of our staff are veterans who have spent 10+ years or more at Bitmax.

OTT Distribution

With over 20 years behind us, Bitmax is renowned as one of the world’s largest independent digital supply chain providers

Our storage and delivery platform is responsible for the distribution of thousands of films, TV shows and more music videos than any other company on the planet.

Our expertise in the art of digital preparation and packaging is unmatched, and our streamlined method for swift, error-free deliveries to all digital platforms is among the most dependable in the industry.

We are an Apple preferred encoding facility, and we enjoy the same preferred status with Amazon, Google Play, and the VUDU store. Preferred Status means we are your quickest delivery path and we can deliver live into stores.

Easy Pricing

Bitmax offers simple affordable pricing plans that let you keep all your generated revenue.
See your film on popular VOD platforms starting at under $2000 for features. With a variety of revenue and non-revenue share options, we have a distribution model for you.

Apple Preferred Encoding

Bitmax is an Apple Preferred Plus encoding facility.
Bitmax has the distinction of being one of only a few digital houses to be bestowed with status as an preferred Apple Direct Delivery Partner. No question is too small to ask, contact us and see. Reputations are built on success, and Bitmax is proud to have a solid record of success as a digital supply chain provider for more than 20 years.

Global Fulfillment

Bitmax is expert in coordinating your global release
We will advise you on what you need in order to place your content in any store in any country. Don’t let translation worries get you down, we will walk you through the process and put your mind at ease.

Post Production

Our in-house post capabilities speeds the process of getting content to market
If a QC issue arises during our ingestion process, we can fix it on the spot which saves time and preserves your release date. Need an edit, or have content that needs closed captioning or subtitles? We have you covered there too, with translation and captioning services.

Get in touch

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