Bitmax to Digitize and Distribute Flying Doctors across Streaming Services Globally

We are delighted to have been selected by Eaton Films, the distributor of The Flying Doctors mini-series on behalf of Crawford Productions, to help distribute the long-running series across digital platforms. Bitmax is digitizing the original recordings of The Flying Doctors, which has previously only been available on DVD, and is managing the distribution and licensing to streaming platforms Apple iTunes and Amazon Prime. The series will be available for nostalgia fans to stream from July.

The Flying Doctors is an Australian drama TV series produced by Crawford Productions that revolves around the everyday lifesaving efforts of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia in the Outback. The popular series ran for nine seasons and was successfully screened internationally.

Louise Rimoldi, Sales Director at Eaton Films said, “We are very happy to be working with Bitmax to get The Flying Doctors mini-series released digitally for the first time.  The response to the planned release has been welcomed by the many fans of the series and we will consider future options not only for The Flying Doctors series of 234 episodes but also the rest of Crawford’s catalogue.”

Tristan O’Dwyer, EMEA Sales Director at Bitmax said, “The Crawford catalogue contains some absolute gems, and it’s very exciting for Bitmax to help get this content onto the digital platforms so that Crawford can realise its full commercial value and reach a wider audience.”